Who Wears a Buttonhole at Weddings?

Which members of the wedding party wear a buttonhole is a common question we are asked. Here is a guide to who wears a buttonhole or corsage at weddings.


The grooms buttonhole is worn on the left lapel of the suit jacket. They usually contain the same flowers as the brides bouquet and be made so that the groom stands out from the other members of the wedding party; either with flower colour, ribbon colour or a more decorative buttonhole.

Best Man, Father of the Bride & Groom

The best man, father of the bride & groom would typically wear a buttonhole which is of the same design as the grooms buttonhole. These would sometimes differ in colour if you would like them to stand out. They are also worn on the left lapel of the suit jacket.

Mother of the Bride & Groom

Mother of the Bride & Groom would usually wear a corsage, which is a more decorative version of a buttonhole; either incorporating more than one flower or with sprigs of smaller flowers such as gypsophila. They are typically worn on the right hand side and the flowers can either be pointed up or down depending on preference. They are attached with a pearl pin through the fabric of the outfit, alternatively brooch pins or magnets are also available. Grandmother’s or other key female members of the wedding party also often wear a corsage.

Wedding Guests

It is becoming increasingly popular to have buttonholes for all of the wedding guests. Typically these would be a more simple version of the wedding party buttonholes, for example a single rose with a ribbon and may differ in colour to ensure the wedding parties buttonholes stand out.

Some wedding guests choose to bring their own buttonhole to weddings which matches with their outfit.

We hope this information has been useful to help you decide on which buttonholes you require for your wedding. We have a wide range of artificial buttonholes to purchase on our website, we can also create bespoke artificial buttonholes. If you require any further information please contact us.